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Who are We?

F.A.D.D. (which stands for Fazed Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) is a site dedicated to maintaining a database of top AD&D websites. Each and every site which appears here has been personally visited and approved of by the FADD staff. Rather than just link to each and every site that comes along, FADD links only to those sites that live up to our strict standards.

FADD Member Sites

AD&D - The World of Tryll: A site featuring over 100 seperate pages of original AD&D material - new monsters, spells, rules variations, humour, magic items - all this and more can be found here.

The Alyndrian Chronicles - Online AD&D e-zine. Even Gary Gygax himself subscribes!

Tale of the Bariaur - Details everything you could ever need or want to know about playing a Bariaur in a Planescape campaign.

TuDragons: Features AD&D related freeware and shareware programs, utilities, fonts, modules, netbooks, etc. Very well organized, with numerous programs to aid the DM and player alike.

Outland: A pregenerated AD&D campaign. Designed to fit into any world, Outland takes the character from his beginnings right up to the highest levels. Contains all the rules, maps, and other info needed to run the campaign.

The World of Tryll The Alyndrian Chronicles Tale of the Bariaur TuDragons Outland

FADD Membership

Would you like to have your web site linked by FADD? In order to become a FADD site, send email to, with the subject line "JOIN FADD".

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